Here’s 25 Up And Coming Houston Rappers You Need To Know

Before we revamp controversy once more, these are strictly up and coming rappers from or who are currently stationed in the city of Houston. Below we have included images and the artist’s Instagram handles in parentheses. If we didn’t include your favorite artist they’re either too big or need to show us more content. Checkout our new list below.

1. Lil Rarri (@L1LRARRI)

2. Tedy Andreas (@tedyandreas)

3. Don Toliver (@thedontoliver)

4. Craig Xen (@CraigXen)

5. Rizzoo Rizzoo (@rizzoorizzoo)

6. Megan The Stallion (@theestallion)

7. Sad Frosty (@sadfrosty)

8. NFL Cartel Bo (@nfl_cartel_bo)

9. Yung Al (@al_behind_tint)

10. WAV (@wavjetski)

11. Enzo McFly (@EnzoMcfly)

12. D Flowers (@dflowers)

13. Enzo VVS (@enzovvs)

14. Burger Man (@burgemanbaby)

15. The Lil HBK (@TheLilHBK)

16. Daze Suave (@DazeSuave)

17. Tre Stanely (@newwavetrestan)

18. Ghost Magneto (@itsonly1ghost)

19. Nate Da Vinci (@NateDaVinci)

20. Tay Muletti (@taymuletti)

21. John Ibe (@_JohnIbe)

22. Keyan Christ (@KeyanChrist)

23. Yung Knxw (@yungknxw)

24. Noie J (@noie_j)

25. its13 (@its13teen_)

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