Get to know your new favorite brand “Sukamii”

If you haven’t heard of Sukamii already then you need to wake up. We got a chance to talk with the owner and founder of Sukamii and talk about everything from the origins of the brand to Young Thug wearing his clothes. Check out our Q&A with the creator of Sukamii John Hollens below.

What does Sukamii mean?

“It’s just a random word I came up with one day in my garage while I was smoking with my friends they asked me what’re you gonna name your clothing line there was a brief moment of silence then I said “ SUKAMII” and the name sounded good so it stuck.”

When did you start Sukamii?

“I started Sukamii in 2013.”

Where are you from?

“West Hartford, CT.”

Who are your fashion inspirations?

“Kanye, Nigo, Young Thug, Virgil Abloh, Imran Potatoe, Dapper Dan, Pharrell, & Soulja boy(2007-2008)”

Tell us about your connections with Pope Norwalk and Half Evil

“Sams my manager now but before all this he used to buy my clothes back in 2013 and shit when I first started then I stopped for like a year or two he dm’d me and was like you should get back into clothes and all that and I told him I was making stuff and planned on getting back into the fashion shit. Then I started showing stuff I was making and he fucked with it, so I kept working hard and making stuff and once thug wore my stuff he started promoting for me heavy and I always respect him for that and appreciate him because people I’ve known since high school doubted me and wouldn’t even help me with anything and it meant a lot coming from him cause he’s already established and huge in this game.”

Young Thug is rocking Sukamii, tell us about that!

“That’s funny cause it was really random but before I get into that I wanna say something that I’ve followed after hearing Charlemagne the god say it “put out dope shit and opportunity will come to you” … this quote literally is how all this happened I just was making cool shit putting it on Instagram and his stylist Zoe Dupree dm’d asking for clothes and said he styled thug … I had my back against the wall barely any money so I threw some shit together for him not even thinking he would wear it I was doubting myself heavy, then a couple weeks later I wake up and go online and see him wearing the pink “bearbrick” shirt It was like 5 am I literally got up shaking like “HOLY FUCK YOUNG THUG IS WEARING MY SHIRT” I quickly told everyone and the word began to spread. I kept making him stuff and he kept wearing it and keeps on and I love him for that and I hope to one day be able to meet him and thank him personally for wearing my clothes and pretty much helping jumpstart my brand. S/O to Zoe Dupree, VeeDoe, Booka Loc, Gunna Money Myles, and Young thug y’all are literally the best thank you guys.”

“Put out dope shit and opportunity will come to you.”


What artists are you listening to right now?

“I listen to almost everything I’m all over the place with music I can go from like System of a Down to suicide silence to flying lotus to Kanye West to A$AP Rocky to Young Nudy, but my favorites Lil Yachty, Young thug, Lonny X, Myke Green, and producer GENSHIN he makes amazing beats.”

What is your favorite clothing brand? (Other Than Sukamii)

“A Bathing Ape(when Nigo owned it), Human Made, Revenge Storm, RAF Simmons, Half evil 333, Rick Owens, Off-White, and Imran Potatoe”

You sold out your last drop in under 1 minute, how did that feel?

“I was so shocked I literally put the site up and went on IG live and the first comment said it’s already sold out literally 1 minute my jaw dropped it’s only my second drop some brands can’t even sell 5 shirts in a day.”

What makes Sukamii so special?

“I have no idea it amazes me everyday how many people love my stuff. I’m just different very genuine and unique I’ve always been like that always sticking to myself working on perfecting my craft . Every single day I put countless hours into this , this shit is my passion and literally the only thing I love to do in this world.”

If you could have one person rocking Sukamii who would it be?

“It would be in between Kanye and Nigo . Those are literally my two biggest inspirations it’s so hard to choose. Uhmmmmmmm… Nigo”

What is next for Sukamii?

“Honestly i have no idea I’ve just been winging it the whole way just doing what my gut tells me but next
I’m dropping a collection on 4/13 at 10 PM EASTERN TIME

Check out Sukamii’s next drop product shots in the gallery above!

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