My Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho Conspiracy Theory

Like most diehard Travis Scott and Quavo/Migos fans I was weak and listened to the leak of Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. On first listen I was instantly hooked, I was overwhelmed, but after a few listens I noticed this album felt more like a Migos album than a Travis Scott album with the exception of a few tracks. I also noticed that this album was missing literally every song that was previewed whether it be from videos of Travis performing or Chase B playing at a club. Then I saw a tweet that really caught my eye.

I immediately sent this tweet to the Huncho Jack Chat, a group message of Travis Scott fans ran by the most popular Travis Scott fan page @RodeoTheAlbum, to explain why I thought this was true. Long story short, this is why I think that ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ is a double album and we have only heard the first half that is ‘Huncho Jack’ and we will hear the other half ‘Jack Huncho’ later tonight or at a later time, maybe Christmas.

First of all, like I mentioned earlier this album struck me with a vibe of a Migos Album. The production, the features (The only features being Offset and Takeoff), and just the entire vibe of the album. Now I want to say in no way shape or form is this a bad thing. I am a diehard Migos fan and I love this tape, I just think its a little suspicious because Travis is very selective of of how his music sounds.

Secondly, three of the most anticipated previewed tracks are nowhere to be found. “Lo-Fi”, “Re Run”, and a track known as “Smell Of Money” or “UFO” have been all over social media for months but they aren’t on this version of the tape. This is rather suspicious to me, even though it’s not unheard of for Travis or even Quavo to leave off previewed music from a tape, we would usually get it before the tape or as a loosie on soundcloud.

This ties into my next point being that Travis Scott is notorious for leaking his own music. “Dinosaurus”, “Yeah Yeah”, “SPD Extended” and “Ooo NaNa” are just a few examples of CDQ tracks that have leaked in recent memory. Now I know what you are thinking, “why would Travis Scott leak his whole album?”, well first of all, publicity, the phrase “Huncho Jack” is trending worldwide on twitter. Now I know that’s not a surprise, this album is arguably the most anticipated album of the year, but still from a business perspective it’s not that crazy of a plan, especially if there is a whole other half of the album we haven’t heard yet.

This leads me to my last point. Travis Scott and Quavo are one of a kind artists, they are here for the long run and they arguably run the rap game right now. Mike Dean and Murda Beatz compared this album to Watch The Throne, arguably the best collab album to ever drop. Mike Dean worked on Watch The Throne so I can imagine this comparison does not come lightly. What I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t put it past Travis or Quavo to pull a stunt like this. When you think about it, it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

All of that being said, I could be 100% wrong and this could be what we get, and I am completely fine with that, I love this album so far and I can see it being in my top 3 albums of the year. Only time will tell if my far fetched conspiracy theory is correct.

No matter what Mike Dean said that a better mix is coming when it drops on Streaming services.

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