Two Crazy Shootouts, One Stressful Sunday

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Yes, Houston is home to the greatest medical center in the world, but Sunday night and Monday morning may prove to be too busy for even our finest to handle.


A craaazy 38-41 loss to the Seahawks in Seattle was still a fresh, gushing wound when Game 5’s first pitch came around in the Astros’ 13-12 win against the Dodgers on Sunday night.


Offense keeps the wheels churning

Since Pete Carroll took the reigns in Seattle back in 2010, the Seahawks have allowed 500 yards of offense only five total times. Three times in 2010, once in 2015, and once on Sunday to Deshaun Watson and company.



Deshaun Watson had perhaps the best game of his short, but impressive career. In only his sixth start, Watson became the only player in NFL history to pass for at least 400 yards, four touchdowns and rush for at least 50 yards. He is now tied with Carson Wentz for the league lead in touchdowns with 19, and with all those yards and touchdowns coming from behind center, there was plenty of wealth to spread.


As far as yards are concerned, DeAndre Hopkins enjoyed Watson’s production the most, putting up 224 yards and a touchdown. As far as touchdowns are concerned, Will Fuller V continued his remarkably efficient hot streak by adding two touchdowns to his 125 yards.


The playmakers came to ball. This offense is legit. Be excited for the future.


Secondary woes

While Watson put up 402 yards, Russell Wilson one-upped him and threw for 452 yards and four touchdowns of his own. Despite losing two of their better players in the front seven, it was hardly a weakness on the afternoon for the Texans. The true problems were rooted in the secondary.


When Kareem Jackson is on, he can be up with the best; when he’s off, you can hardly tell the difference between him and a burning trash can. This afternoon saw the latter Jackson and even though Kevin Johnson made his return from an MCL sprain, he showed he still is trying to get his legs under him after getting constantly beat.


That was the theme throughout the night, however. It seemed the Wilson was completing deep ball after deep ball and was having no trouble doing so. The biggest blow came at the end of the game when Wilson took advantage of a flat secondary and hit Jimmy Graham with a wide-open touchdown down the seam.



For the first time since 2010, the defense is the crutch on the team – and the offense is hitting it off.


Astros help provide the second instant-classic of the 2017 World Series

In the last game at Minute Maid Park of the year, to say this game was crazy would be an understatement. I honestly wish I could summarize this game for you, but so much happened that I would bore you.


In the 13-12 Astros win in 10 innings, Houston and Los Angeles had 14 hits a piece and only one error each the entire game. To go with that, the Astros erased a 3+ run deficit twice throughout the game and refused to go down at home. Just like in Game 2, the stars came to play – Springer, Altuve, Correa, and most importantly, Alex Bregman answered the call to take the 3-2 lead.


Bregman’s RBI single in the 10th brought Derek Fisher from second to home and Minute Maid Park (along with anyone and everyone associated with Houston) exploded to the joy of finally being able to go to sleep – myself included.



If you don’t know what went down and weren’t watching the game, obviously you don’t care about sports, in which case why are you reading this?


I’m going to spend Monday trying to recover from the craziest day I’ve experienced as a Houston sports fan and you should too.


The Astros are back in Los Angeles for Game 6 on Halloween night. Here’s to hoping the Astros continue their way to #EarnHistory!


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