The Astroworld Tour will double as an amusement park

Travis Scott has given us almost no details about his upcoming album ‘Astroworld’, but when he sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview, where they dubbed him the King of Chaos of hip-hop,he gave us some insight to how the Astroworld Tour will look. One thing that caught my attention was that he said he wants the tour to double as an amusement park. He talked about Astroworld’s influence on him as a kid quoting the names of rides most Houstonians his age will remember “Dungeon Drop, Greezed Lightnin’, Superman,” Scott said. “It was a way of life—fantasies, imagination.”

Scott was also asked about his stage setup for this tour and he talked about how he wants to surround himself with actual amusement rides. “I don’t know why it hasn’t been done already—I think people just don’t do shit,” he said. “Who makes stages these days that are cool?”

Travis wants to raise the bar on this tour, take stages and tours to heights where they have maybe gotten close to but haven’t quite reached yet. Be on the lookout for updates on his highly anticipated album and the tour to follow.

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