Battle Of The Band Venues

We’ve all heard the phrase battle of the bands before, a bunch of bands get together and see who the crowd loves more. Each band plays their music and the crowd crowns the winner, but this is something different. What about the people who host these bands, the people who every night listen to their music, protect the artists, and keep their shows running smoothly. These people were put to the ultimate test the other night to see what venue has the best volleyball team. A brutal battle of the band venues with teams from White Oak Music Hall, Warehouse Live, House Of Blues Houston, and Revention Center. The team spirit and enthusiasm was definitely there that night. Most venues had held practices to prepare for the event came up with cheers and were just ready to play some volleyball. At the end of the night, our friends at Warehouse Live were crowned the champions. So congrats to Warehouse Live and good luck next time to all the other venues!

713 Magazine got the opportunity to cover this unique event and talk to all the different venues in Houston and see who would be crowned the best volleyball playing venue in Houston.

Take a look at some of the coverage below from 713 Magazine and photographer Luda the Shooter.

Warehouse Live


White Oak Music Hall


Revention Center


Warehouse Live Vs Revention Center


Warehouse Live and Revention Center


White Oak Music Hall

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