FOE G4NG Drops ‘Having Fun at the Bottom of America’

Houston based group FOE G4NG just dropped thier highly anticipated tape ‘Having Fun at the Bottom of America.’ FOE G4NG has separated themselves a lot differently than most rappers do in today’s culture. A group thriving off positivity and “having fun” has earned them props from Lil Yachty and love from every University of Texas student at Round Up. 

The group really took off this past year over a snippet of their hit “Too Cool” that blew up on hip hop twitter pages and blogs alike. This was followed by allegations of Rae Sremmurd stealing the music video idea and using it for their video “Swang.” While nothing came of it, this was still very important for the G4NG, showing that they are starting to make an impact and are definitely being noticed.

This new album features “Too Cool” and 15 new tracks that are listed below.

  1. Intro
  2. Honey Bun
  3. Too Cool
  4. Burger Man (Ft. DeeByrd)
  5. Don’t Flex
  6. Shake That
  7. Stanky (Ft. Jay Lee)
  8. Ain’t Like Them
  9. Youngins
  10. Stone Cold Stunna (Ft. Nick Gee)
  11. Did Me Bad
  12. Dear Friend (Ft. Tay Muletti)
  13. Rock n Roll
  14. Ain’t Got Time
  15. Having Fun
  16. At the Bottom of America 

You can get the album HERE

DeeByrd has officially launched a challenge for his listeners and fans. Its pretty simple, find out how many times the G4NG says “Aye” on the album and you win $500. So get your notepad and headphones out and start counting!

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