Youtube Demonetized No Jumper

If you don’t know who adam22 is or what the No Jumper podcast is, you either live under a rock or still exclusively listen to music from before 2011. Adam22 arguably has the best interviews in the game and definitely the “coolest podcast in the world”. He has helped promote and tell the world about everyone from Xxxtentacion to Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade. Even though No Jumper has well over half a million subscribers and posts 3-5 times a week and gets millions and millions of views, YouTube has done what they have been doing to many famous Youtubers, and has demonetized No Jumper’s page. Which means that these YouTubers can no longer make money from what they do.

Adam22 has different plans though. Adam signed up No Jumper on a site called Patreon that lets people essentially pay you a salary every month. The site is basically the same thing as gofundme but it’s every month. The No Jumper patreon has a bunch of different rewards for different amounts you donate like a new No Jumper custom shirt every month and a bunch of other cool shit.

No Jumper and Adam have helped so many young artists and creatives over the past few years and we don’t wanna see that end. If you fuck with No Jumper like we do at 713 Magazine definitely support the cause and join the patreon.

If you really haven’t heard of Adam22 and No Jumper check them out below. AND MAKE SURE TO SUPPORT NO JUMPER HERE —->

No Jumper Twitter @NoJumperdotcom
Adam22 Twitter @onsomeshit

Some of our favorite interviews:

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