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While you may know a lot of nineteen-year-old’s that are in college, you probably don’t know a lot of them that are in college and running their own business. Well Ashamarah Heath, the founder and CEO of 7ven On 7ven is doing exactly that and she’s letting us know how she takes everything one day at a time without breaking a sweat.

Read below for my exclusive interview with Ash.

What made you want to start 7ven On 7ven?

I honestly gained the courage when I realized how much I truly loved to coordinate outfits, being a part of the atmosphere of photo shoots, nice apparel, and most of all I wanted to have something that I stood for behind my name. I’ve always been an advocate for young driven entrepreneurs so it was only right that I made myself one! When I created 7VEN, I wanted it to be a fun site, not just for clothing but for makeup tips, outfit inspirations and other beneficial attributes. 7ven On 7ven is not only an online retailer, it’s branded around young women having a business mentality! 7ven is about being young, having fun and being about your business!

What is it like being a young business owner and a college student?

In a nutshell I would say it has definitely been a roller coaster. Being a young female entrepreneur has its ups and downs but it’s all worth it. Being that I am a full time student, I attend class Monday-Friday just like everyone else, but I also have a business to tend to. At the end of the day I know that I’m building my future for a greater purpose, a purpose that is greater than my imagination. I want to be able to continue to invest into 7VEN even more so that one day my brand will reach its full potential. It’s all about growth…I’m not perfect at all, I make mistakes, I may fail at certain things but I learn from every experience. Especially with 7VEN, if something doesn’t go right I don’t let it discourage me, I learn from it, find a better way to go about things and move on. You must fail to succeed.

How do you keep the lines separated between being a medical major and running a fashion company? Sometimes people feel like you can’t do both.

Personally, I definitely feel that it is possible to do both, especially when you have an interest in both fields. I have many goals and dreams that I would like to accomplish in my life. I would never want to create a barrier that would hold me back from being open minded to tapping into any of my talents that I may have buried inside of me. Why not pursue fashion and medicine? Why not go above and beyond? Nothing is impossible, everything is achievable. In order to have that focus, you must be able to have balance along with a disciplined concrete vision as to what you want for yourself and what you want out of this life.

When buying pieces for your launches, what do you typically look for?

Rather it’s buying pieces for 7VEN’s launches or actually getting custom pieces made, I always try to consider how each piece will make my #7venBabes feel. My customers are a top priority to me, I must deliver for those who I am blessed enough to have in my corner that support me. Starting from the swimwear down to the apparel, I look for statement pieces that my girls will feel themselves in; because when you look good, you feel good!

How do you pick the themes for your collections?

Honestly, it’s usually so random. I’m always thinking of ideas rapidly and one will literally just POP out to me like, yes, let’s go with this, I’m feeling it. But most importantly I strive to make each theme actually stand for a purpose. For instance, when my team and I decided to launch the #BADGYAL collection, we wanted the clothes to be more than just pieces of material. It’s a movement. A 7VEN BADGYAL knows what she wants and she can’t be tamed. All around, our efforts are to keep it fun and creative.

What’s a staple piece that you think any girl should always have in her closet?

EVERY GIRL should definitely have her go-to perfectly fitted denim jeans, neutral tone bodysuits/t-shirts/tops, black jeans, a biker & jean jacket, black sunnies, a watch for sure, the perfect side purse that can go with any fit, dainty gold accessories, and a pair of black, white, & nude simple heels. You’ll never go wrong with neutral tone items in your closet, I promise! Remember, simplicity is K-E-Y. Oh, and let me not forget a SNATCHED fleeky beat face with glossy lips to top off every look!

Are there any celebrities that inspire your personal style?

There are many individuals that influence my personal style especially women such as, Rihanna, Chantel Jeffries, Jerrika Karlae, Karrueche, Kim Kardashian, Heather Sanders, Samarialeah, DayyBella, Kylie Jenner, Draya, and Cassie. Each one of these #bossbabes have mastered the key of creating their own definition of fashion! Ranging from simple to edgy, they never disappoint!

What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?

I would definitely have to say my True Religion distressed denim jeans. I am in love!! They complement every curve and are literally so comfortable! They go with just about anything. I can dress them up or down whether I’m going for a day or night look.

Does being from Houston have any type of influence on what you do? As far as your work ethic, your clothing line, or just you as a person period.

I would say to some degree, yes. Houston is like no other city. There are so many ambitious and determined individuals that I’ve met and have created life-long relationships with, here in my hometown. Even today, these individuals, who are either mentors or inspirational figures to me, motivate and encourage me to reach my full potential. Therefore, I would say that I take pride in being from Houston, we are one of a kind.

I know you have a lot of girls that look up to you and that’s super amazing and can be a humbling experience. What advice would you give to young girls that aspire to be like you?

For starters I would say to not aspire to BE like me but rather to BE YOURSELF and strive to be even BETTER. We were all made different for a reason, learn to fall completely in love with yourself. Also, talk LESS, listen MORE. Seriously it’s so important. Much of what I know has come from successful people who have already been in my shoes, so any chance or opportunity that I have that someone is willing to give me constructive criticism or a few pointers I am always eager to listen and take notes. You’d be surprised what you can learn from just listening. No matter what it is that you aspire to do, never give up. Keep your vision strong, eliminate distractions and stay focused!

With that being said, I plan on expanding 7ven On 7ven & 7ven Girls to the max! Stay tuned for more!

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