Meet Bardell the creator of Premium STAINZ

Premium STAINZ is an up and coming streetwear brand created by @icey_cardell who goes by “Cardell during the day and Bardell by night” and has caught my eye with this bright colorways. I had seen pieces on Twitter for a few days before we actually connected and I got to get a real look into the brand and what it had to offer.

I got the privilege to interview Bardell and really get a full understanding of his brand and his influences. When asked to describe himself it was apparent that Bardell didn’t want to be labeled and locked into a position. He responded saying “I’m not a rapper, or  photographer. I’m not clothing designer. I’m just me. I am the founder and creative director of Premium STAINZ. I’m just tryna leave my mark that no one can erase. I had a dog named snickers died couple months ago, so I been going hard for him ever since.” This is when I knew I liked Bardell and his vision.

Read below for my exclusive interview with Bardell.

1. What is STAINZ?

“Premium Stainz is a upcoming Houston brand, that’s about to takeover. Stainz is about leaving a mark that’s inerasable.”

2. When did you start thinking about making clothes?

“I wanted to start a clothing line my 8th grade year, I just didn’t have enough money”

3. Who is your biggest inspiration or inspirations for fashion?

“Honestly I know it’s probably basic, but Imma have to say A$AP Rocky he changed my aspect about fashion. And Imma have I say Ian Connor because he do what he wants and they hate. Also Virgil … Off White inspired me to know you can jump from street west to high fashion or both in one. That’s the goal.”

4. When did you drop your first line?

“I dropped Stainz Pre winter collection in September”

5. What makes your brand different?

“What makes my brand different is that we not tryna be like any like these other brands, and our brand actually deeper than a brand it’s a way of life. And we Rock Stainz like it Vlone 25/8”

6. What do you think about the current state of Houston Street fashion?

“Houston street fashion would be good if Houston actually supported each other, I support everyone and especially if I actually like whatever you doing . Ima let you know keep going because that’s gonna push you to go harder. Some of these brands lack meaning and creativity.”

7. What is your favorite streetwear brand?

“My fav street wear brand will have to be Off-white. His vision is brazy”

8. Tell me about the newest line you just dropped.

“My latest line is Pre collection for ss17, we finna bring Bamo back in a better way, and leave our mark or Stainz mark, in Houston first, then the world.”

You can check out the whole Premium STAINZ collection at Bardell’s twitter @icey_cardell

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