The High End Brand In Houston You Should Know About “Amati”

A Interview By: Nandi Howard

Transcribed by: Brianna Scott

Houston culture is evolving from beyond the city and Amati is grasping that concept. With a new collection out Amati is providing quality apparel and great branding behind the company. 713 was able to catch up with CEO and creative director of the company NEL. Check out the interview Below.

Describe “Amati”

Amati is a high end premiere brand that was created off of my artistic skill. Everything that I have created came directly from my imagination, which is where the name “Amati” comes from. It is an abbreviation of “Another Making After True Imagination”, where all of my creativity pretty much comes from my mind.

You are an artist as well as a designer, how does that tie into Amati?

Me being an artist ties into Amati a lot! Due to the fact that I draw out or use some of my paintings or doodles for a design. My artistic skills are the foundation of my brand. 

What made you want to turn Amati into a brand?

Well, since I was young I always had a passion for design. Believe it or not, I was designing shoes before clothes. I was a huge sneakerhead so I began wanting to create my own shoe. I still do today which I feel it will happen in the future for Amati. I was always on NiceKicks checking out the “celebrity sneaker stalker” section and I would always notice their outfits. The variety of layering, different jackets, tees, etc –  but once I went to my first Sneaker Summit I noticed brands and one in particular that was made from their drawings. In my head at the moment I was like “I can do that and even better”. So, I just began thinking of names, different quotes I made up, then I came up with “Another Making After True Imagination”. I knew it would be too long for a name so I just took the first letter of each and then Amati was made.

Who has been your biggest influence in fashion?

Currently: Virgil Abloh, Martine Rose, William Okpo, Solange, Pharrell, and Alessandro Michele.

How did you get into fashion?

I got into fashion from growing up shopping almost every weekend, buying designer clothing, and not to be funny but the concept of “looking good”.

What was the creative direction behind this new collection?

My whole aspect on how people have a hard time of just being themselves. It seems like sometimes people want to be other people so bad that they forget that their uniqueness is what makes them standout. “UNMASKED” is based off of revealing who you truly are. For me this collection is the beginning of me being more expressive and more creative.

Your designs and work are are becoming more known, how has that transition been?

The transition I could say has been smooth. It is just more fuel to my ambition and determination to become legendary.

Do you think there is power in being young and managing a brand?

Yes indeed! Especially when it is your own because you have the upper hand on how things are negotiated, planned, and designed. Most people do not expect younger individuals to be able to handle business nor create particular items that they feel well known designers could.

What is next for the Amati ?

Ultimately, growth.

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