Crumbville, TX

Image via: Houstonia Mag, photo taken by Max Burkhalter

Houston is a broad city that’s buzzing with all kinds of bakery’s, cookie boutiques, and cupcakeries because let’s face it, we’re a city that loves to eat. But I guarantee you won’t come across a bakery in the city that’s anything like Crumbville, TX.

Located underneath the Eldorado Ballroom across the street from Emancipation Park, Crumbville, TX is a hidden gem to the cupcake/cookie culture. Ella Russel, the bakery’s owner and creator of the shops quirky treats bakes everything from scratch and with an ounce of love. Baking isn’t just a hobby for her, it’s her passion and you can taste that passion within every bite of her baked goods.

She has a variety of choices to choose from, like peachy-cob-a-licious, red velvet white chocolate, or the cookie minaj and the list goes on. She even offers vegan options so make sure you stop by and get your fix. You won’t regret it.

Follow Ella on Instagram @edubalicioustreats

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