Comeback Season: Champion Brand

When you think of the Champion brand I’m sure you’re overcome with a sense of nostalgia from the vintage hoodies, sweatpants, and jerseys,

Everything about Champion is the epitome of what 90s athletic apparel was about.

Within the last year Champion has made a complete 180 in branding yet still stayed true to who they are as a company. Bringing you collaborations with the popular Bape, Supreme, Vetements, Stussy, Anwar Carrots, Todd Synder, and Beams, Champion went from high school to high fashion. Landing major distribution deals with Zumiez, Pac-Sun, and Urban outfitters I think it’s safe to say that champions is back and in full effect.

If you aren’t wearing it now, it’s a little late but not too late I’m not here telling you what you should be wearing, just telling you to do what you do best, hypebeast.

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