The Kaws Exhibit Is A Must See In Fort Worth

Brian Donnelly is the man behind the KAWS Exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art

Dallas  has just been blessed by one of the biggest names in abstract art and streetwear. You might know him from his work with A Bathing Ape, Original Fake, and Pharrell Williams.

The Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art recently opened an exhibit to display some classic sculptures of the heavily sought after KAWS. The exhibit gives off a vibe that you rarely find associated with any artistic showings in the south. This makes a great date for that hipster vegan chick you’ve been trying to impress for the past couple of tweets. Best of all it’s only $2 if you have your school id.

Don’t worry for all of my out of town readers, the exhibit is here until Jan 22, 2017 so you have plenty of time to get down here and take artsy polaroid pictures for Instagram.

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