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Founder and creative director of Univerdge, Camron Evans, is an 18-year-old Houston native who is forging his own lane when it comes to designing. His line is full of popping neon colors and prints that instantly take you back in time and give you that cool nostalgic feeling. There’s more to Univerdge than meets the eye and here’s why you should keep up with the man behind the designs.

What is the inspiration behind your brand Univerdge?

The concept for Univerdge came from my secret obsession with retro futuristic comic books, the mid 80’s to late 90’s aesthetic, and vintage foreign fast cars. I’m trying to create a realm that bridges class, futurism, and the nostalgic culture.

What is the meaning behind the name?

UNIVERDGE which was once spelled UNIVERGE, came from a saying, “Merge with the Universe”. I stuck with it and held it as the foundation for my earlier designs that had a lot to do with space. Then I changed it to “ON THE VERDGE OF U.” Which is basically me promoting and influencing us as a masses to push ourselves to the extreme to be the best in any endeavor we encounter. 

As a style influencer yourself, who’s style are you most influenced by?

I ran across the work of Sebastian Du Noir and HOUSEOFTHENAKED my 10th grade year of high school, at the time Pharrell and Tyler the creator were distant inspirations but here at home in Houston, Sebastian really influenced my wave early on until I was able to create my own image and mark on the independent street wear market.

What is one staple piece in your closet that you can’t live without?

Probably my U.F.O. PULLOVER. With my 2nd collection I dived into embroidery with the Vercetti hoodie which features a pink Countach on a scuba blue hoodie. When I designed the U.F.O. PULLOVER, a yellow hoodie with a spaceship abducting a Ferrari F40, I wanted to make a piece that complimented the Vercetti yet brought another vibe. The U.F.O. as seen on IcyTwat in The Divine Council MASS APPEAL interview just defines the retro futuristic style I am approaching street wear with. screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-12-51-04-pm

What influence has Houston had on your creativity regarding your brand and your personal style?

Montrose and Westhiemer in Houston really influenced the market I wanted UNIVERDGE to appeal to. The vibrant colors, positivity, and fun atmosphere engulfs the aesthetic perfectly. Like I want UNIVERDGE to be some hard come up at a thrift store ya know and I believe I wouldn’t feel that way if it wasn’t for the Montrose strip in Houston.

What advice would you give to young creatives who are in the same boat as you?

I would tell young creatives in the same boat as me 3 things.


So far those 3 points have been essential to the growth of UNIVERDGE. You gotta stay true, do it for your supporters and you. 


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