Interview With LSU Safety/LB Corey Thompson


College football is in full swing and college playoffs are starting to take form. LSU football team (4-2) is coming off a strong win against the University of Southern Mississippi. This season has been a whirlwind for LSU fans as the team lost a close season opener to a good University of Wisconsin team before starting to turn their season around. The Tigers then took on Auburn in week 4, which resulted in a tight game.  It ended on an LSU touchdown that was discounted when the game clock expired before the snap. LSU moved swiftly to fire coach Les Miles. Defensive line coach Ed Orgeron was named interim head coach of the program.

Despite the craziness of the first half of the season, LSU still has the potential  to be a playoff team. The last five games include both # 1 Alabama and #6 Texas A&M. They also play a make-up game against #15 Florida, rescheduled because of Hurricane Matthew. A win in multiple of these games gives the Tigers a boost with the college playoff board. Before they get to anyone else, though, LSU takes on #23 Ole Miss at Tiger Stadium on Saturday. The Tigers rely on defense to beat opponents, and they need to be playing at their best for LSU to be considered a serious contender. Senior Safety/LB Corey Thompson has been leading that defense in an unexpected way. Thompson has been sidelined by a leg injury in August but looks poised to make an impact when he returns. The fifth year senior talked with 713 about the season and how his team has handled adversity this season.


What’s the worst thing that comes with being a D1 player?-

How busy you always are.


What’s your favorite thing about being  D1 player?

Free college.


I read that you are from Missouri City, how often to do people make it D1 from there?

Actually a lot of people from my high school went somewhere to play sports. We had the most kids from any class at Elkins So a lot of people went off to plays sports somewhere.


What has kept you going throughout your five years in college football.

You have to take care of your body, eat right, take care of yourself because something’s always going on and you gotta make sure it doesn’t wear you down.


Big game coming up vs. Ole Miss, how do you prepare for these big showtime games?

Like any other game, you go out there and do you job, and play your assignments and just go out and have fun.


The structure of the college playoffs seem like teams don’t always have full control over their destiny, how do you stay focused and play through all the external noise?

You know you just have to tune it all out and focus on yourself because you can’t control what all the coaches are thinking. So you just gotta control what you can control and go out there every game.


LSU vs. Alabama is one of the best rivalries in college sports. Even though you have Ole Miss coming up, do you still have Alabama in the back of your mind?

No. We just take it one week at a time and focus on what’s next. That’s Ole Miss so we’re just gonna take it one week at a time.

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