Fall Essentials

Outside of winter, fall is my second favorite time of the year because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It provides the perfect balance between the two temperatures and you can finally start pulling out those boots you’ve been dying to wear since August. Unfortunately, living in Houston can sometimes put a damper on your seasonal wardrobe because it seems like the only season we ever experience in its entirety is the summer time. With it already being October, hopefully we can put those summer temperatures behind us and finally get into fall. I focused on four basic essentials that every girl needs in their closets this fall and what makes each of these pieces great is that they can all transition seamlessly into the winter time so you’ll be getting twice the bang for your buck.



There’s just something so sexy about thigh-high boots. Celebs like Beyoncé, and the Kardashians have all been spotted wearing them this season and they’re a hit with almost any outfit. They’re great at keeping your legs warm in these lower temperatures and they can also help elongate your legs if you’re a little bit on the shorter side, which is always a plus. I paired a pair of black leather thigh-high boots with a bleached band tee, (which are also very popular this season), with an asymmetrical black leather skirt, and for accessories I kept it simple with a black choker and a red fur clutch. There are a ton of options on the market for thigh-high boots right now and you can always switch out the leather for suede if it’s too much for you. For a comfier fit, ditch the skirt and go up a few sizes on the t-shirt for it to double as a dress.


Boots: Buy The Exact Here $52 (There are only a few sizes left.)

T-shirt: Buy The Exact Here $90 or find Dupes here

Skirt: Buy Dupe Here $35

Choker: Buy The Exact Here $14

Clutch: Buy Dupe Here $34



For our second look I focused on the biker jacket. I don’t think leather jackets will ever go out of style and I always try to make sure I have one myself during the fall/winter seasons. It’s a staple item that can take your outfit up a notch when needed. I paired the jacket with a silk slip dress, hi-top converse, a black leather backpack, and a silver watch to tie everything together. This look gives you that tomboy edge while still remaining girly.

Jacket: Buy Dupe Here $70

Shoes: Buy Exact Here $55

Dress: Buy Dupe Here $43

Backpack: Buy The Exact Here $60

Watch: Buy The Exact Here $275


Living in Houston makes it almost near impossible to wear an actual trench coat but there is something so clean cut about a trench that I couldn’t just give up on not having one this season. I opted for a waterfall coat instead because it still gives off the effect of a trench but it’s a lot airier in terms of fabric so you won’t be scorching if you decide to pull it out on a light day. I kept this look cozy so it’s perfect to wear if you’re out running errands or if you’re doing brunch with your girlfriends on the weekend and still want to look well put together.


Coat: Buy Dupe Here $45

Shirt: Buy Dupe Here $10

Jeans: Buy Dupe Here $60

Shoes: Buy The Exact Here $75

Watch: Buy The Exact Here $130

Purse: Buy The Exact Here $590


Dior killed it when they debuted their clear heel ankle boots at last years NYFW. It’s a trend that hasn’t exactly died down yet, and if you’re like me your pockets might not have been Dior ready when they hit the scene. Luckily for us, more affordable brands started to produce their own version in a variety of color ways. This boot can really be worn throughout all seasons depending on who you are. For this look I paired the boots with a black body suit, a see through clutch, an embroidered denim jacket which is super hot right now, and sleek shades to top it off. This look can easily transfer from day to night while looking chic and remaining comfortable at the same time.


Jacket: Buy Dupe Here $45

Boots: Buy The Exact Here $43

Bodysuit: Buy Dupe Here $38

Clutch: Buy Dupe Here $28

Shades: Buy The Exact Here $55


With so many items trending right now it’s a large window to try and narrow down but I think these four items are bare necessities that will provide you with a ton of mix and match options. It also helps that they can easily carry over into the winter time so you’ll already have some basics down before you start your winter shopping.

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