10 Designers, Stylists, and Influencers

Currently, Houston has some of the biggest influencers to fashion and entertainment. With some big entertainers  evolving from Houston the city is transforming into a mecca where every artist is paying attention to the city.

Here are some of our favorite Designers, Stylist, and Influencers.

  1. Tacharra (@tacharra)

Womenswear Designer, Fw16 Collection was featured in NYFW sponsored by CFDA.

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  1. Khari Bernard (@kharibernard)


Menswear designer,Walked in HBA FW15 campaign.


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  1. Ryan Knew (@ryanxknew)


Featured on Complex,High-End Menswear Designer.

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  1. Jmulan (@JMulan)


Influencer in Houston; Jmulan Agency, Hosts model bootcamps in Houston bringing in published/experienced models to coach the aspiring models.

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  1. Josh Springer (@jjoshallenn)

Menswear designer and artist from Houston based out of New York, Recent collection titled “UNITY” which comes from a desire to end the numerous means of systematic division we face in our society.

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  1. Chasity Sereal (@chasitysereal)


Houston based highend womens designer, Dresses have been seen on the red carpet at the Grammy’s as well as NYFW.

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  1. XoJaynedo (@xojaynedo)


Published stylist out of Houston & Editorial specialist

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  1. Erwin Porter (@jimmyburner)


Houston based men and womenswear designer. Displayed his SS17 collection recently in the Fashion X Houston show sponsored by Cadillac.

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  1. Dieuest (@dieuest_)


Designer based in Houston and Atlanta, Styles local artists and influencers.


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  1. La Snoot (@lasnoot)


Womenswear Designer & Influencer.



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