Fetty Wap – My Way (Music Video)

Fetty Wap dropped the music video for his huge hit “My Way” he also has his debut self-titled album coming out this Friday. The Album is 17 or 21 tracks depending on what version you get. Watch above and let us know what you think. Also see the tracklist below.

Fetty Wap Track List

1. “Trap Queen”
2. “How We Do Things” feat. Monty
3. “679” feat. Monty
4. “Jugg” feat. Monty
5. “Trap Luv”
6. “I Wonder”
7. “Again”
8. “My Way” feat. Monty
9. “Time” feat. Monty
10. “Boomin”
11. “RGF Island”
12. “D.A.M.”
13. “No Days Off” feat. Monty
14. “I’m Straight”
15. “Couple Bands”
16. “Rock My Chain” feat. M80
17. “Rewind” feat. Monty

18. “Let It Bang”
19. “For My Team” feat. Monty
20. “Whateva” feat. Monty

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